Monday, February 5, 2018

Share Facebook Friends Day Video and Awards To Your Friends

Facebook Friends Day Video and Awards

Happy Friends Day ...........................!
Here Facebook celebrations started with a Video and Awards to your favorite friends.. You must share your Friends Day video to Your Friends and Share personal awards to him/her. This awards section is very special for this year and this anniversary. Amazing Advanced feature for Express your feeling about your friend.
                   Then why are your waiting .......... click on Below link it will automatically generate a video for you and you can watch the video and slide the video you have award to create. Just click create button and create some award who are special for you. then share personally on timeline or Message.
The video is automatically ready made for share on your time line in the beside picture you can watch. if you slide the video there you can found some awards like . you loved most that means who reacts love mostly on your posts. not only that there are separate awards which is shown in the video. you can share personally to your friend timeline or personal message to him/her. 

The most advanced excellent feature is create. This feature is give create own award to your friend that means you can create a award for everyone in your facebook frineds list. in this feature just you need to click on the tumbnail and there will show your frineds list you must select one of them and automatically the photo will appear on the award . if you want to change his/her photo just click the change photo option on the tumbnail it directly shows the profile pictures of your frined . select one . now its time to select a best award for him/her. almost 24 awards are there to select the best suitable award for them. the awards are given below .

After selecting award the award generated with selected person now you can share to your friends. If you satisfied for this post. please comment your opinion about my website .. 
Hurry Up !
Here is the My Friends Day Video : click here 
Thank You 

 Rayarakula Karnakar 



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