Thursday, December 7, 2017

Best ways to Protect your Facebook from hacking

Keep your Facebook Safe
          Safe your Facebook for secure your data and information. To check your account is safe or not then I will give the link to you and here we are going to tell some the best ways to protect your Facebook account. I f you did like to learn something best practices about creating a secure password.
Secure Password
                   If you are created the best right password it will make you can login in to your account securely and happily. And help to keep thieves out. Your Facebook is your family, friends, happy, sadness, everything.
                       Make your password be unique and remember able for you ever and that is enough to don’t forget the password. That password can you remember the Facebook anywhere and everywhere. if you want to Join by know from the Facebook developers then click on the below link.
Join Facebook Team
Deferent Password
And the main point don’t your others password and that you use in other websites because it will cause for ever. If the one site was gets hacked and the password was stolen then the hacker also try in the Facebook. So don’t use passwords that already used in others social networks.

Don’t Give password to anyone

Don’t give the password anyone because it’s very dangerous for your Facebook account. The Facebook account is a type of your bank account. Banks maintains your money but Facebook maintains your freedom, your happiness, your sadness everything which is your sharing with your friends. If accidentally someone has your password then immediately change your password to can’t access by others.


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