Friday, November 3, 2017

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Feature of Sent Messeges

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Feature of Sent Messeges
Whats app’s is ready for the new feature that allows users to delete sent messages to everyone, The 'Delete for Everyone' feature is available for individuals and groups, and it is available for different platforms, such as Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. One of the biggest use cases of the Delete for Everyone, that is when you sent to the messages to the wrong chat, or if the messages contents are fails in perfect then it will be very useful to delete the message. Once upon a time the Facebook was announced this feature in the Facebook but unfortunately it was not published but after the Whats app was owned by the Facebook the feature was introduced in the Whats app. If you want to delete the message you need to just tap and hold on the message and it will show the 3 options.. Delete for me , cancel, delete for everyone. In these 3 options you need to select 3 option. If the sent message was deleted in your Whats app receipts Others can see the messages like “ This message was deleted” its means the sender deleted the message. And you need to have chance before 7 minutes sent a message.
How to get WhatsApp 'Delete for Everyone' feature
v  You need to download latest version of Whats app.
v  Tap and hold the message(s) you want to delete
v  Tap the delete icon on the screen
v  Now the dialogue box will show the 3 options Delete for me, cancel, Delete for Everyone\
v  Once you hit the Delete for, the sent message will be replaced with "You deleted this message". 
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