Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Facebook 2 billion people Celebration Video

Facebook 2 billion people Celebration Video

Celebrations of 2 billion people in the fcacebook community.You can share a video to your family or friends, the Facebook give an opportunity to Share Your Video. If you want to show your Facebook Good Adds Up video to Your Friends then click on Below link it will automatically generate a video for you and you colud saw the video there if you want to change some photos in the video then simply click on " Edit Video " otherwise Share the video on your timeline.

Create your Video 
After selecting photos just click on share video button then It will open Post page and write about its or none then click on post. Select those Photos which are represents your Friendship shown in that Video

Facebook is now a community of 2 billion people.....
Here is the My Friends Day Video : click here 
Thank You 
 Rayarakula Karnakar 


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