Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Changes in Facebook Groups

New Changes in Facebook Groups
Facebook Changed some physical looks of Facebook groups. Previously the menu of Facebook group is above of the post message box. But the Facebook day to day appearing in new looks. Actually Facebook totally changing the view of Facebook group but it not applied. It will be applied in future. In that movement this menu was change into middle to left side of the Facebook group preview.

Now the preview of Facebook group
You can see the changed options in the above image. there are small changes like the middle horizontal life of menu is changed now the left vertical menu.
            in the future there are so many changes apply in the Facebook. and Facebook Groups. keep touch with me and my website i will give everything about technology. you can callme 9014819428 for any kind of information and if youre intreted to join in my facebook group click the below link and join


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