Saturday, April 29, 2017

Google Roll Out New Sign in Looks in GMAIL

Google Roll Out New Sign in Looks in GMAIL 

Google launches New Login (Sign in) and Sign Up Look in the Gmail. This type of login used for all the applications (products) of the Google. 
when you enter into the gmail login page The google logo will show the small animation which will tell us to this login for all products of google. like it will show the application and converted in to google logo. This type of login simple look with the white forms. the first form is Enter your Email or Phone number then press enter or click on next button. then you should have to enter your password in the password form. that's it it will login into your account. 

This login have fully security features.and this login is very fasted and easier for all devices . this changes will easier to every one. This changes was improved since one month and finally we got the new of the google sign in. and if you want to login into your account with the new looks just use below link 

 This is the image showing that the gmail was previewed with previously logged person after logout its will ask like this if you are the same person just enter password go forword if your not just clik on ^ button and use another account . and if you have any trouble in sign in of your account just click on other options in the bottom of the page and solve your problem. This is very help full for android users 

Thank you Google


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