Sunday, April 16, 2017

Facebook Happy Easter! Holiday cards

Facebook Happy Easter! Holiday cards

Celebrations of Easter! You have to send a greeting card to your family or friends, the Facebook give an opportunity to send the card to your friend Facebook will show a preview to Share Your Card. Like this image showing you. Just click on share a card of own and enjoying the cards. 

You will see the next page with almost 8 different types of cards and with animations that means it was animated moving objects. Whatever may be you can select and preview it. After completion of your selection just click on share, that is it... The card come with a post. Want to write something then you can write in your post and post it will look like your post and below of the post the small link will be declared to do same thing others... 
Like below image
Others just tap on select card then others can also have a card to share their friends...  Got it. 
Then why are you waiting just tap on Facebook select your card and share your wishes to others... share to me also.

This is My Post 
Just tap on my post, it was open my post and just tap on select card your own and send to your friends 

Thank you 


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  3. Holiday cards are efficient when it comes to conveying your wishes to others. Moreover, Facebook is the best means to send these wishes.