Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Download Different Type of Fonts

Download Different Type of Fonts
Do you know it’s possible to write text with many more fonts as you like (external fonts?)

Some websites are very popular with they are selling fonts to the people but some websites are very best to giving their font with free of cost. In that websites I am telling about one of them. This website giving lot of styles of fonts with free of cost. The website link is given below.
Download Fonts
In the above link there are lot of fonts like Hand writing, School Writing, Fancy fonts and Cartoon type fonts etc. if you want to a very likable font for you just click on the font as you like and there will be shown the font styles with different letters and angles. And if you want just click on Download Button.

      If you want a font which is already you know with the font name. You need to just type the font name in the search box and search it.  It will be found. If it may be not found there will be an additional feature to find the font in other websites also …

  After download the font (.rar file) extract with the WinRAR or any other extractors. There have a file call TTF (True Type Fonts). Copy this file and paste in the C:/windows/fonts folder or  right click the file and click on Install . That’s it it’s installed.

          Open word or Photoshop or any software which is mainly used for Typing. And select the font which is you downloaded. And type with that font. Enjoy……..


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