Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How To Reset Photoshop To Defaults

Download Photoshop
To restore preferences of Photoshop quickly using a keyboard shortcut Keys:
Step 1: Drag and Drop the Photoshop Icon from the start menu to the Desktop or right click on desktop>> new >> shortcut and give the path to the Photoshop
·         Step 2: Now Press and hold
Windows = Alt + Control + Shift

Mac Os = Option + Command + Shift
While starting the Photoshop. You will find a prompting to reset the Photoshop Settings. just click on OK ..
Note: if You reset the Preferences and Photoshop I will also effect on custom shortcuts, work spaces, and color settings to be reset to default.

Disable and enable warning messages
Sometimes Photoshop occurs some warning messages. And there you have a option to Do not show this. But you want to disable all the warning notification from the settings.
1.         Do any one of the following:
•           (Windows) Choose Edit > Preferences > General.
•           (Mac OS) Choose Photoshop > Preferences > General.
2.         Click Reset All Warning Dialogs, and click OK.


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