Saturday, March 18, 2017

Facebook New Feature

Facebook New Feature

                   The new feature came from the Facebook that is very simple but best. That is the customize message for group invitation. That mean if you invite a person into the group. You have a choice to give a message to him.
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                    In the past days there is a single form which is include all the names of friends list. But do not have any personalized message. So if you invite a people he direct added to your group but he had only notification. Do not have information about the group

For that the personalized message box is included for the form of invitation. This box form is useful to inform the group AIM and what is group and why this. This type of all the question cleared when the person joined in the group.

                In the image you can saw the icon of personalized message. Then why are you waiting must join with me in my Facebook group:

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