Friday, February 3, 2017

Secure Your Facebook Account

Secure Your Facebook Account
            More Security features Came in Facebook ..  It will help to you secure your Facebook account from the hacking or accessing someone else. in the Facebook we are acceptably and unexpectedly giving accessing to so many applications so that if you change your password it will more secure your Facebook account from any another one access your account . a small popup will show you to change your password to secure account. just click on change your password and change your password with strong password.
After Changing your password its scan your posts, apps, phone number, email, posts, likes , comments and profile. Finally ask some changes in app activity and your activity to more secure click on continue.  
 Its show your apps using in Facebook and activity you made like comments and likes if you do not made this then select it and remove the item
Finally Your account is Full Safe and Secure 

Hurry Up ! All Happies.

Thank You 

 Rayarakula Karnakar 



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