Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How to Make Oil Paint Effect without Graphics Card

How to Make Oil Paint Effect without Graphics Card

                         In the Present photography days, the Photoshop also very popular and now a days the oil painting effects is fully popular in social networks. So, that I created a video(Oil Paint Effect in Photoshop CS5) about oil painting effect in the Photoshop CS5, but some people are suffering with doing this effects who are do not have any graphic memory in their computer. In that movement, I am posting this post to help us whose do not have graphics in their computers.

Here I am presetting a simple and small size filter its helpful for create Oil Painting Effect in the Photoshop 7.0 and later named as GREYCstoration. That means this filter works on lower version of Photoshop also.
You can download the filter of GREYCstoration from the below link.

Doing In this filter you have to minimum knowledge about Photoshop. How the photo is changing and what enough it. So Now talk about filter. This filter has some form they are look like this image. If you have to learn the changing of some default values. This changes will make a good oil painting effect

You Can find the GrayStoration filter in filter>Noise> GrayStoration

After Applying filter additional Editing (optional)

    1.    Want to do Smooth Then Go to Filter >> Blur >> Surface Blur 
       (adjust by looking the image)
    2.    Sharpness from the Blur Filter >> Sharpen >> Unsharp Mask 
          (adjust by looking the image)
   3.    Take a Colorful Background image and change Blend Mode until which is most suitable for it for color effects

Watch this video to do Oil Painting effect in The Photoshop CS5


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