Friday, January 27, 2017

Facebook Security Key for safer logins with a touch

           People always ask what to do to make their Facebook accounts more secure. Like most professional security, I mostly recommend to setting up login approvals (two-factor authentication). That means when your logging into your Facebook account from a browser or new phone, you will type a special security code from your mobile with accessing your password this is additional security for your Facebook account. So that, It's much harder for a hacker or someone else to access your Facebook account, even if they have your Facebook account password.
            Now Facebook team taking more security to account protection with a Security Key. Presently Most of the people getting their security code for Facebook login approvals from a text message (SMS) in the mobile phone or by using the Facebook application to generate the code on their phone too access their account. Till now These features are working very well for most Facebook users, but text message(SMS) from your phone is not always reliable and may not work well for everyone who are using their Facebook account.
So Facebook providing a new security feature this is extremely advanced. You can register a physical security key(USB) to your Facebook account, after enabling this login approvals feature, you' will simply put the USB security Key device to your computer and just tap on space provided on the device. That will verify your account security credentials and security key, the device as your seen in the above image have total secured with you. If do not have this Security key device then you may not access your account.
Add security keys to your account from the Facebook Security Settings page.
Security keys can be purchased through Amazon or click here
And this Security keys (USB) are support the open Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) standard hosted by the FIDO Alliance.

Using This security keys for two-factor authentication providing these important benefits:
  •   Protection from Phishing: some Facebook posts are automatically posting something which is not posted by you call phishing because you do not have a code yourself which is secure so that, this hardware Security key provides cryptographic proof that it's in your computer. So, no chance to posted on your account, no phishing
  •   Not only facebook: This Security keys that support U2F do not just work for Facebook accounts. You can also use the same USB key for Google, Dropbox, GitHub, Salesforce, and those accounts can stay secure because the key does not retain any records of where it’s used.
  •   Pretty Fast login: If you are use a security key (USB) with your Personal Desktop computer it’s very easy to  logging in your account just simply a tap(touch) on the key after your enter your password.
Currently the Security keys for Facebook logins are working only certain web browsers and mobile devices, so we will be asking to you to register an additional login approval method in Facebook. To use a security key device from your personal computer, you will need to be using the latest versions of Google Chrome or Opera web browser. Presently the security key does not support the security key logins for your mobile Facebook application, but if you have an Android device which NFC-capable with the latest versions of Google Chrome and Google Authenticator installed, then you can use an NFC-capable security key to login from your mobile website.
You can read more about setting up your security key here.


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