Monday, December 12, 2016

SayThanks Video in Facebook

Say Thanks Video in Facebook 
    Lot of people use Facebook every day and every time to connect with the friends. Your friends are very closely by the Facebook experience, and Facebook always looking for connecting friends easily and giving lot of features and new ways celebrate our friendships. 

Now I am explaining an excited feature to Say Thanks to Your Friend, wonderful experience that lets you can create a personalized video cards and video for your friends on Facebook. Ya its really amazing to know deeply about this say thanks video then must read this post...
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You can Share a Say Thanks video with a close friend, your other special person, a relative, a colleague, an old friend, a classmate or anyone else in your life who you did like to celebrate that friendship. There is no any limit to create many personalized videos you can create and share.
how it works:
To create a Say Thanks video to a friends, then must visit or Once you choose a friend, Facebook will give a preview of the video. Which show the photos and post tagged with you and your friend. What ever may be tagged with your friend it will taken and generate directly a video. And you can have the ability to select different types of themes also to represent your friendship like as.  The three different types of themes are
1.    Old Friend
2.    Friend
3.    Family
These 3 themes will have different type of music for each one. And different type of cards in the video.

And there is a best feature available that is you can choose your photos or upload new one. Which one you select that photo will show in the preview of your say thanks video. You have chance to select 10 , 13 , 15 photos as per the photos which have been tagged with your friend.
 When you are done satisfied with the preview video, then you click on “Share Video” after that it generate a post and you have the option of writing a personalized matter before posting. The video will be post on your Timeline as well as your friend timeline will be tagged also, so that it will show up on Your Friend Timeline as well.
Say Thanks will be available globally on both desktop and mobile.
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