Saturday, November 12, 2016

Team Viewer 12 With New Features

Team viewer is very use full for a technician. Normal we called it TV. 
Turbocharge your remote support, improve your workflow with smart tweaks – and show your customers that you care.
     Team viewer 12 is now Available BETA version only . Beta Means it is in a developing mode. not fully developed. The Team viewer tells The new releasing version is very Smarter , stronger,Faster and Better.  and there are 20 reasons to Love this version.  now i explain new team viewer 12 features one by one 

1. Smarter
    Now Team viewer 12 Support all the  customers more effectively, and  boost the output,  shine with outstanding remote supporting. 
Quick Remote Features:
    Now you can Save yourself hundreds of clicks. With a one short cut key have mostly used options to remote actions. like want to open command prompt, look a computer manager, user switching, know system properties , open control panel, opening Task manager these all actions are available in a shortcuts menu ( Note: Premium and above users only)
2. Sticky Note:
     Usually, have to tell some thing to the user then we can send the messages in the chat box or open the notepad and wrote a matter. but in this version have a great option that is sticky note want to tell any thing open sticky note then write something its displayed user screen with highlighted . you can look in this image 

The future is here to enjoy a truly immersive remote session experience.

High Frame Rate Connections

the Frame rates was increase up to 60 fps. that means we can directly Edit videos or work seamlessly on other high-frame-rate tasks with remote session in the user System without barriers. 

Simplified Client Interface

Team viewer Focus on the task at hand and enjoy working more intuitively with an overhauled, one-window interface. so its very Better to comparing with the previous versions 

Faster File Transfer

 Thought your file transfers were already fast? Now we can transfer files within Team viewer with up to 200MB/s Speed. Team Viewer now lets you transfer files up to 20 times faster.

Device Connection Reports

All the Connections you had connected and devices list all things anything displayed in Reported. know who has been connecting to your devices.
                                (Corporate and above)


Mobile to Mobile Remote Connections

Cross-platform, mobile-to-mobile remote control and screen sharing for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. All devices now remote with the new version Team viewer 
(Premium and above)

Service Case Chat

Quickly Chat box available to chat and experience live chatting. Enjoy the Video chatting and Voice calling.
(Business and above)

Supporting Windows Phone

From any Computer You can now access windows mobile phones also. in the previous versions there is no app to remote in the windows phone . now team viewer is available for all the windows version mobile devices 
(Premium and above)

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