Sunday, November 27, 2016

Shraddhanjali, Vardhanthi Flex Banners .psd Files

Shraddhanjali, Vardhanthi Banners .psd Files

                      If you want to change greenly background simple select green layer and control + u and change the color as you like. and this text is typed by Using Anu Script Manager so if you want to change the text 
1.  This is a Maharaja Shraddhanjali PSD file  it contain one maharaja chair and person and some text and heading and venue also 

2. This is very simple and better flex design for ashrunivali or shraddhanjali banners it contain a flower garland  Frame and some text. and greenery background 

3. This is also same type of above one but it have a small frame suitable for all. and same text and venue is also available in this psd file   

4. This file is a wall Photo Frame this contain just frame and name and a garland frame do not have any text body because it is only for wall photo frame you can change background layer and personal as your wish


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  2. ur designs very nice thank q friend from guntur

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