Monday, November 7, 2016

Classic Themes for Windows 8 and 10

The Present Running Operating system is Windows 10. But lot of people using windows 7 and 8 and some people windows xp . some people like windows classic theme  very much  which is inbuilt in Windows xp and 7. but the windows 8 and 10 is not included that theme, If you do not like that colorful and Graphical effects themes which is inbuilt in windows 10 then don't worry i am here to give a superb solution for all. and give best solution with the windows classic theme.
Microsoft removed the windows classic theme in the windows 8 and later version so that i am providing windows classic theme here. but remember this theme majorly used for improving our system performance only . 
Important Note: if this theme applied don't use highly graphical interface games and apps because it not suitable its only for performance . and some websites also infected
And some More different types of classic themes 
Download here 

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