Friday, October 21, 2016

Security Tips For ATM Users

Keeping Your ATM Card Most Personally

  • Treat your ATM card As Nothing but cash.
  • Keep maintain your password personally.
  • must take your receipt in ATM center do not leave in ATM center.
  • Don Give any information about ATM either Voice or Voice over on Phone.
  • Must react when ATM Card is Gone. And Immediate block using Net banking mobile banking or Consult Bank
  • check every month transactions frequently. To avoid ATM frauds.

Securities When Visiting ATMs

  • Always observe your and ATM surroundings before doing an ATM transaction.
  • If ATM have been stopped then go to another ATM, Do not Spend time there
  • To Alert when Entering Password for ATM Transaction.
  • Do not Spent over time in ATM after your Transaction and Before your Transaction .
  • Stand in front of ATM must verify Who is in ATM center and observe waiting Persons.
  • Have any doubt or suspicious then go away from the area.
  • If anyone follows you after an ATM transaction, Go any crowded area and immediately call the police


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