Monday, November 23, 2015

Type Telugu In Android Very Easy and Speedly

   Now a days Telugu Typing Popular in social websites. to type telugu in system its very easy task i already  showed you(to know click here). but in smart phones?

so now i am show you a good and best tool its very easy to type telugu in Android Smart Phones. this tool is very easy to type and we can type speedy without any errors occurred.

then whats that tools do you want to know ?

then i am show a tool that tool is a 

This keyboard is interesting keyboard.
its very simple to install . to install in your smart phone then click here.

Google indic keyboard have some supported languages those are 

its have two types of keyboard in telugu . those are 
1. type telugu using phonetic model means we type English latter but the typed data will show on Telugu like a=అ sa=స 
2. also have those keyboard which directly have telugu latter but its very difficult to write telugu

 And in this the great facility is when we are typing telugu want to type English in middle. then we font want to change keyboard input method why because this keyboard directly have two keyboards besides as  picture showed

And another thing is the cute  cute smileys are directly given in the keyboard


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