Sunday, October 18, 2015

Change Startup and Shoutdown Sounds in XP

I ne'er was a large fan of the Windows startup or shutdown sounds, that is why i used to be therefore happy they were removed in Windows eight. However, if you would like to own your own custom startup and shutdown sounds in Windows, it’s possible. In Windows XP, it’s a chunk of cake.

In Windows seven, you have got to use a third-party program to alter the startup sound as a result of if you are attempting via the control panel, it doesn’t do anything.

In Windows eight, it gets worse if you miss your loved one startup sound as a result of it’s utterly disabled, therefore you initially got to change it within the registry. After that, you have got to run the third-party program and even then, you have got to shutdown and restart the pc in an exceedingly sure means so as to actually hear the sound.

I’ll bear every operating system below to form it as easy as attainable looking on your OS. Before we tend to get into the details, you'll initial wish to search out associate degree acceptable audio get in WAV format. If you have got an MP3, you'll be able to convert it to WAV format simply using a format factory free software. try and keep the file size little, but one MB if attainable.

so watch this video.
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