Saturday, October 17, 2015

Anu Script Manager Part 2

  I have already made a video on How to Use ANUSCRIPT MANAGER using Roma Keyboard layout.  But many people SAY  that they are not able to type few letters like  క్ష , ఐ ,  క్ష్మీ and so on. 
They have told the problem in comment boxes also. To help those who are not able to type or write those letters I have again clearly explained in the below video called Anuscript Manager Part 2  to how to type those letters by using the key board of ROMA. 
      So friends go through this video and start learning how to write the words you are not able to type. I think this video will be useful for ever and further any more doubts please feel free to ask me. I am always there to clarify your doubts and help and support.
To download Anuscript Manager         : click here 
To download Roma Keyboard Layout : click here
        Thank You


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