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Facebook Year in Review 2016

Facebook Year In Review 2016

2016 Facebook Review Video is Came .. If you want to show your 2016 Review video to Your Friends then click on Below link and tap on " Make 2016 Review Video Request" 

It will Take few minutes and give a Video to You. .. and Share to your friends . 
2016 Best posts, Likes , Photos all will be shown in that Video .. 

and there is a Edit option Available you can edit the video which posts you need to use in that video and the best movement in this year you can put on it ..  If you satisfied for this post.. please comment your opinion about my website .. 

Hurry Up !
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


National Eligibility test Application form Correction

        The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts NET 2017 Test on behalf of UGC (University Grant Commission) on 22 January 2017. CBSE UGC NET 2017 Test is conducted for the posts of Junior Research Fellowship or eligibility for Assistant Professor or both in Indian University.

  This opportunity providing for those people there are graduated with their recent post-graduation results details.Please do the corrections very carefully because there will not be any further chance for correction of your NET Application form. The CBSE (central broad of secondary education) will not be responsible for any wrong correction done by the candidate during this process. Please do your correctional personal do not give the information to another personal. 

Login with your login ID and Password: login

Your Profile will be open next click on
 Application Form Correction 

 Your form will be open now choose the editing of the form. Simple opened your application form as editable make sure to fill the application. Finally enter captcha and Final submit. That's it .

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Shraddhanjali, Vardhanthi Flex Banners .psd Files

Shraddhanjali, Vardhanthi Banners .psd Files

                      If you want to change greenly background simple select green layer and control + u and change the color as you like. and this text is typed by Using Anu Script Manager so if you want to change the text 
1.  This is a Maharaja Shraddhanjali PSD file  it contain one maharaja chair and person and some text and heading and venue also 

2. This is very simple and better flex design for ashrunivali or shraddhanjali banners it contain a flower garland  Frame and some text. and greenery background 

3. This is also same type of above one but it have a small frame suitable for all. and same text and venue is also available in this psd file   

4. This file is a wall Photo Frame this contain just frame and name and a garland frame do not have any text body because it is only for wall photo frame you can change background layer and personal as your wish

Friday, November 18, 2016

Download Videos in Facebook

Download Videos in Facebook 

            Arrived a wonderful option for every one who are waiting for this option and asking to others.. Finally Facebook allows to us to download the time line videos. 

        Facebook Application directly given a option "Download(Size)" by pressing the options menu (three dots). this option is very useful for who are waiting for this options. now a days the videos are very virally spread by the Facebook and somebody attract by the video and they want that video but in previous days there is no option to download the videos so they visit the 3rd party websites and taking lot of steps of risking for download the video. 

             But we can download the video easily now.. the above image clearly showing how to download the time line videos .. 

important note: this option is now developing mode so some users do not have  this option or feature but don't worry it will enable soon 

Oil Paint Effect Using Photoshop CS5

Its very common filter to oil paint in Photoshop cc and CS6 but CS5 its not easy so. now here i am going to telling how to oil paint in Photoshop CS5 by using external plugin named as Pixel Blender.Here in this Post we can learn to Create Oil Paint effect in Photoshop CS5 with using of Small Plugin named as Pixel Blender

 May You seen lot of pics made by me.  Now you can create superb creations using Photoshop CS5 by watching this video .. must watch this video and learn something . but do not forgot commenting.

Downlaod Photoshop CS5

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Whats app Two-Step Verification

Whats app Two-Step Verification
Whats App Two-step verification is an optional feature that can
adds more security to your Whats App account. When you enable the two-step verification, any another attempt to verify your mobile number number on Whats App Application must be accompanied by the six-digit pass code (you have chooses) that you created using this New feature.
To enable Whats App two-step verification 

Open Whats App Application → Settings → Account → Two-step verification → Enable 

While enabling this Two step verification feature, you can also enter your valid email address. Given email address will allow Whats App to send you a URL (link) to entered email Address to disable Two-Step verification in case you forget your 6-digit pass code, and also it is act as a safeguard to safe your whats app account ever. its highly recommend you Give a valid email address so that you are not locked out of your Whats App account if you forget your pass code.
Important Note: If you receive an email to disable two-step verification from whats app,but did not request this by you, don't click on the URL (link). Someone could be Trying to verify your phone number on Whats App. Its a hack Trick. Be careful
      If you have Two-step verification enabled on your account, your number will not be permitted to Disable Two Step Verification within a week of days on Whats App without your pass code. Thus, if you forget your own pass code, but did't Give an email Address to disable two-step verification, Even you will not be permitted to re verify on Whats App within A week(7) of days of last using Whats App. After completion of  these 7 days, your number will be permitted to re verify on Whats App Account without your pass code, but you will lose all pending messages upon re verifying they will be deleted. If your number is re verified on Whats App after a month(30) of days of last using Whats App Application, and without your pass code, your Whats App account will be deleted and a Fresh New one will be created after success of re verifying.
Important Note: To help you to never forgot your pass code, Whats App Application will  Random periodically ask you to enter your pass code. There is no more option to disable this without disabling the two-step verification feature.

Team Viewer 12 With New Features

Team viewer is very use full for a technician. Normal we called it TV. 
Turbocharge your remote support, improve your workflow with smart tweaks – and show your customers that you care.
     Team viewer 12 is now Available BETA version only . Beta Means it is in a developing mode. not fully developed. The Team viewer tells The new releasing version is very Smarter , stronger,Faster and Better.  and there are 20 reasons to Love this version.  now i explain new team viewer 12 features one by one 

1. Smarter
    Now Team viewer 12 Support all the  customers more effectively, and  boost the output,  shine with outstanding remote supporting. 
Quick Remote Features:
    Now you can Save yourself hundreds of clicks. With a one short cut key have mostly used options to remote actions. like want to open command prompt, look a computer manager, user switching, know system properties , open control panel, opening Task manager these all actions are available in a shortcuts menu ( Note: Premium and above users only)
2. Sticky Note:
     Usually, have to tell some thing to the user then we can send the messages in the chat box or open the notepad and wrote a matter. but in this version have a great option that is sticky note want to tell any thing open sticky note then write something its displayed user screen with highlighted . you can look in this image 

The future is here to enjoy a truly immersive remote session experience.

High Frame Rate Connections

the Frame rates was increase up to 60 fps. that means we can directly Edit videos or work seamlessly on other high-frame-rate tasks with remote session in the user System without barriers. 

Simplified Client Interface

Team viewer Focus on the task at hand and enjoy working more intuitively with an overhauled, one-window interface. so its very Better to comparing with the previous versions 

Faster File Transfer

 Thought your file transfers were already fast? Now we can transfer files within Team viewer with up to 200MB/s Speed. Team Viewer now lets you transfer files up to 20 times faster.

Device Connection Reports

All the Connections you had connected and devices list all things anything displayed in Reported. know who has been connecting to your devices.
                                (Corporate and above)


Mobile to Mobile Remote Connections

Cross-platform, mobile-to-mobile remote control and screen sharing for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. All devices now remote with the new version Team viewer 
(Premium and above)

Service Case Chat

Quickly Chat box available to chat and experience live chatting. Enjoy the Video chatting and Voice calling.
(Business and above)

Supporting Windows Phone

From any Computer You can now access windows mobile phones also. in the previous versions there is no app to remote in the windows phone . now team viewer is available for all the windows version mobile devices 
(Premium and above)

Monday, November 7, 2016

Classic Themes for Windows 8 and 10

The Present Running Operating system is Windows 10. But lot of people using windows 7 and 8 and some people windows xp . some people like windows classic theme  very much  which is inbuilt in Windows xp and 7. but the windows 8 and 10 is not included that theme, If you do not like that colorful and Graphical effects themes which is inbuilt in windows 10 then don't worry i am here to give a superb solution for all. and give best solution with the windows classic theme.
Microsoft removed the windows classic theme in the windows 8 and later version so that i am providing windows classic theme here. but remember this theme majorly used for improving our system performance only . 
Important Note: if this theme applied don't use highly graphical interface games and apps because it not suitable its only for performance . and some websites also infected
And some More different types of classic themes 
Download here 

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

TSPSC Group II Hall Ticket Download

TELANGANA STATE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION:: HYDERABAD released 1,032 Group-2 Posts. In this month 11th and 13th the tests will be conducted.for the 1,032 posts the application was totally 7,89,985 received. this month 11 and 13th nov 2016 the exam will be started morning 10 :00AM To 12:30PM and 2:30PM To 5:00PM . On the date 11 nov 2016 Paper 2 and Paper 4 was conducted and another day 13th nov 2016 Paper 1 and Paper 3 was conducted by the govt rules. Totally there are 1911 Examinations centers was arranged in Telangana State.

There are some Warnings and Notes for who are ready to write exam to avoid the Malpractice.. 
those are 
  •  Do not Come with the wearing of Shoes .
  • Do not wear necklace,ear rings, Watches
  • Electronics Gadgets are Strictly Prohibited 
  • Note Books, Papers, Charts, wallets are not allowed

 If Your Sign is not clear in the Hall ticket then you should take two passport size photos. after full verification your allowed. The gates will be open 8.15 to 9.45 after 9.45 do not allow the applicants for the afternoon exam the gates will be open 1.15 and closed 2.15 so you should attend and wait before one hour. The Attendance will be taken by the Bio Metric type. and compared the photo and TSPSC application Photo So take some copies of photos.

We can use Blue or Black Ball Pen Do not use Jel or Ink pens.

To Download Your 
Group II Hall ticket Download : Click Here
To Download Your Group II Hall ticket Download : Click Here

This window will be Open then type your TSPSC OTR (one time registration ID) and Date of Birth the Your name was displayed now click on download button thats it your hall ticket shown.. Immediately print the Hall ticket and verify it. If have any error must report in the examination hall. verify your center name and one day before you must go and see the college which you should go there easily .

♥ All The Best ♥
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Some Vector Designs For Photoshop

Vector Designs For Photoshop
Present days and upcoming future days the photography and Photoshop is very popular for every one why because now a days everyone they are going to any new place they compulsory have a camera or mobile and the selfie is the most popular right now.  So i am going to give a wonderful vector designs to you this designs help to use in Photoshop and looking very beautiful image.. 

Why we need to use Vector Desings
vectors 1 : click the image and right click save image
Note : After download this image just open with Photoshop and crop which item you want and use it to hide white background use blend mode multiply

like corner vector designs this designs will help to you to design the corners with vectors to look like images very attractive. to gain some likes or popularity of image we need to design the image very attractively thats why i am giving this vectors to you. 
 in this post which ever vectors you seen those are downloadable click on the need able image and right click on the image and simply click on save image option it will be download and you can use within the Photoshop. some vectors do not have backgrounds that means that image have transparent that image very useful for Photoshop we do not have work to remove the background simply drag and drop the image into the Photoshop and done the work that it.. eg: colored vector designs and you can download the some more corner vectors by searching in google like : vectors png, corner vectors png, vector designs. why we need to use png because those images do not have any backgrounds those are already in transparent  
if you download all the images from this post then open the all images into Photoshop then you can got clarity about png (portable network graphics) mostly use in web.

and the next post i will give some more vectors.psd file 
psd (Photoshop Document) which have lot of vectors we can use it in our Photoshop.

Be ready for the Next Post ==============================================>